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Are self-driving cars the solution to Gardens’ traffic headaches?

Palm Beach Post | Sarah Peters | March 16, 2017

West Palm firm promotes shared, self-driving cars

Palm Beach Post | Tony Doris | December 25, 2015

Larry Burns on Electric Vehicles and the Future of Personal Transportation

IEEE Spectrum | August 16, 2013
By Susan Hassler

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A Vision of our Transport Future

Lawrence D. Burns explains how networks of driverless, shared cars will revolutionize motoring.

182 | NATURE | VOL 497 | 9 MAY 2013

The Thought Leader Interview: Lawrence Burns

GM’s former head of R&D has a bold vision of how the automobile will evolve in the cities of the 21st century.

Strategy+Business | August 24, 2010 | Autumn 2010 | Issue 60
by Scott Corwin and Rob Norton